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HMD Data Sheet Template

Document TypeTemplates
Issue Date28/12/2022
Revision Date11/03/2023


This template provides a comprehensive list of technical specifications for Head-Mounted Displays, and can be used as a reference for creating detailed data sheets for each model.

General Information

ModelName of the HMD model
ManufacturerThe company that developed the HMD
TechnologyImmersive technology that can be used with the HMD (e.g. VR, AR and MR)
TypeWhether the HMD is PC-based, standalone, or mobile
Release DateThe release date of the HMD
Production CountryThe country where it is produced
Availability RegionsThe continents or countries where it is available
Retail PriceThe current retail price
AccessoriesAny additional official accessories available

Form Factor

DimensionsDevice size (mm, in)
WeightDevice weight (g, oz)
MaterialMaterial of which the device shell is mainly made
ColorMain color of the device
Head StrapHead strap type and material


Chipset/PlatformChipset or SoC used
CPUThe central processing unit included
GPUThe graphics processing unit included
MemoryThe system memory of the HMD
StorageThe internal storage capacity (GB), if applicable
Operating SystemThe OS used by the standalone HMD (e.g. Android, Quest OS)


Lens TypeType of lenses used
Interpupillary distance (IPD) rangeThe ability to adjust the distance between the lenses
Focus AdjustmentThe ability to adjust the lens focus
Prescription LensesWhether or not the device includes prescription lenses
Field of ViewThe field of view of the HMD
OverlapThe area where the images displayed by both lenses
Pass-throughWhether or not the device provides a view of the real world while using it


Display TypeThe technology used to create the display
ResolutionThe display resolution (e.g. 1080×1200 per eye, 2160×1200 overall)
Pixel DensityNumber of pixels per degree (PPD) on the display
Refresh RateThe refresh rate of the display (e.g. 90Hz, 120Hz)
BrightnessLight intensity of the display (NIT)


Tracking TypeThe tracking technology used by the HMD (e.g. inside-out, outside-in, 6DoF)
Tracking FrequencyThe frequency at which the tracking technology updates the position and orientation of the HMD
Base StationsThe type and number of base stations required for the tracking technology
Play SpaceMinimum and maximum boundary size for room-scale setup
Eye TrackingWhether or not the device supports eye tracking
Hand TrackingWhether or not the device supports hand tracking
Body TrackingThe type of body tracking devices included/available


SpeakersSound output device of the HMD (e.g. built-in speakers, headphones)
MicrophoneWhether or not it includes a built-in microphone
Audio JackWhether or not it includes a headphone audio output


PortsThe type of ports available (e.g. USB Type-C)
WiredThe type of link cable used to connect the HMD to the computer, if applicable
WirelessThe type of wireless connectivity available for the HMD, if applicable (e.g. Wi-Fi 5G/6, Bluetooth)


ControllersThe type and number of controllers included/available
WeightThe weight of the controllers
HapticsThe type of haptic sensors included/available
BatteryThe type and quantity of batteries required


Power AdapterSpecification of the included power adapter/charger
Battery TypeRechargeable battery type
Battery CapacityThe battery capacity (mAh) of the HMD, if applicable
Battery LifeThe battery life of the HMD, if applicable
Charging TimeTime required for full charge, if applicable

PC Requirements

CPUThe type of processor required to run the HMD
MemoryThe amount of memory required to run the HMD
Graphic CardThe type of graphics card required to run the HMD
Video OutputThe type of video output required to connect the HMD to the computer
USB PortsThe number and type of USB ports required to connect the HMD to the computer
Operating SystemThe OS supported by the HMD (e.g. Windows 10, etc.)
SoftwareAny software that needs to be installed (e.g. Steam VR, Oculus Home)


WebsiteLink to the official website
ManualLink to the user manual
Reference ImageLink to the product design image
Safety InformationLink to the safety information page

Note that some of these fields may not be applicable for all HMDs, and some additional fields may be necessary, depending on the specific requirements of your project.

Disclaimer: All information in this website is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy or timeliness.

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