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Immersive Experience Data Sheet Template

Document TypeTemplates
Issue Date06/01/2023
Revision Date20/03/2023


This template provides a general outline for the information that should be included in a data sheet for an immersive media work and a festival or exhibition submission form.

Specific details and requirements may vary by experience, but this template should serve as a useful starting point for creators, distributors and organizers.

Refer to the Immersive Experience Submission Guidelines for completing the data sheet sections.

General Information

Original TitleThe original title of the immersive experience.
English TitleThe English title of the immersive experience (if applicable).
Production YearThe year the experience was produced.
Production CountryThe country where the experience was produced.
Running TimeThe total running time of the experience.
LanguageThe language spoken in the experience.
SubtitlesAny subtitles included in the experience (if applicable).

Experience Description

Experience TypeThe type of immersive experience (e.g. VR, AR or XR experience).
GenreThe genre of the immersive experience (e.g. science fiction, adventure).
SynopsisA brief summary of the immersive experience storyline.
Artistic ElementsAn overview of the visual, audio and sensory elements of the experience.

Credits/Crew Information

CreatorThe creator(s) of the immersive experience.
StoryThe writer(s) responsible for the storyline.
GameplayThe team responsible for the gameplay design (if applicable).
CodingThe programmers responsible for coding the experience (if applicable).
AnimationThe team responsible for the animation (if applicable).
Character DesignThe artists responsible for designing the characters (if applicable).
SoundThe team responsible for sound design.
MusicThe composer(s) of the music.
VoiceThe voice actors involved (if applicable).
CastThe actors who portrayed characters (if applicable).

User Experience

Experience ModeWhether the immersive experience is designed for single or multiple players.
Interaction RequiredThe level of interactivity in the experience (e.g. choice-based, linear).
Play PositionThe position from which the player experiences the experience (e.g. standing, seated, room-scale).
Live PerformanceIndicates if the experience has a live performance component.
Playthrough DescriptionA brief overview of what the player can expect during gameplay.

Additional Information

Attached DocumentationAttach other documentation such as presentations, brochures, images, videos, etc.
AwardsAny awards the experience has received (if applicable).
Health and Safety PrecautionsAny safety considerations for users (e.g. risk of seizures, motion sickness).
Content WarningAny warnings regarding the content of the immersive experience (e.g. violence, explicit language, mature content).
Copyright and PermissionsInformation regarding the use of copyrighted materials and permissions obtained.
ContactsContact information of the person who is submitting the experience.

Technical Details

File/Setup Information

Archive TypeType of archive used to compress and storing the files, such as ZIP, RAR, or other formats.
File TypeThe file type or multimedia container used, such as EXE, APK, MP4, MKV, or other.
File SizeThe size of the experience files.
Development StatusIndicates the current development status, such as demo, working version, beta, etc.
Release No.The version number of the experience build/file.
Delivery MethodThe method by which the experience is delivered (e.g. cloud storage, online store).
Download/Installation InstructionsInstructions for downloading and installing the experience, including download link or redeem code

System Requirements

Compatible HMDsThe head-mounted displays (HMDs) compatible with the experience.
Minimum PC RequirementsThe minimum specifications required for running the experience.
Recommended PC requirementsThe recommended specifications for the best performance of the experience.
Hardware RequirementsAny other hardware requirements, such as haptic devices or external devices.
Software RequirementsAny software that needs to be installed for running the experience.

Network Requirements

Internet Access RequiredIndicates if the experience requires internet access.
Minimum Bandwidth RequirementsThe minimum internet bandwidth required.
Other Network RequirementsOther network requirements, such as static IPs or access from/to external hosts.

Specific Details for VR Experiences

VR TypeThe type of VR used, such as PC VR or standalone.
Controllers RequiredThe type and number of controllers required.
Gaze Interaction RequiredIndicates if gaze interaction is required.
Hand Tracking RequiredIndicates if hand tracking is required.
Microphone RequiredIndicates if a microphone is required.
Camera Pass-Through RequiredIndicates if camera pass-through is required.

Specific Details for Immersive Videos

Projection MappingIndicates the projection mapping used, such as monoscopic, stereoscopic, or other.
Video ResolutionThe resolution of the immersive video.
Frame RateThe frame rate of the immersive video.
Average BitrateThe average bitrate of the immersive video.
Audio TrackThe audio track included in the video, such as stereo or spatial.
Subtitle TrackThe subtitle track included in the video (if applicable).

Specific Details for Installations

Rig DescriptionA description of the equipment and technologies used in the experience infrastructure.
Area SizeThe minimum size of the area required for the installation.
Power RequirementsThe power requirements for the installation.

Note that some of these fields may not be applicable for all experiences, and some additional fields may be necessary, depending on the specific requirements of the experience or festival. Always review the festival’s submission guidelines carefully before submitting the experience.

Disclaimer: All information in this website is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy or timeliness.

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