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Immersive Media Types

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Issue Date31/01/2023
Revision Date28/02/2023

Immersive Video

also referred to as 360° Video or 3DoF VR

Video made using camera techniques or computer graphics to create a 180 or 360° view of the environment, allowing viewers to experience a sense of presence and immersion in the scene.

These videos typically offer 3 degrees of freedom, meaning the viewer can look around but not move around or interact in any way.

For viewing this type of media, low-end standalone head-mounted displays are usually sufficient.

Despite the emergence of more advanced VR platforms and the introduction of high-tech standalone devices on the market at an affordable price, this type of media continues to have a good share of the industry and a large audience, with a good number of creators in this sector.

VR experience

also referred to as Immersive Experience, VR Project or 6DoF VR

Experience that uses VR technology to create immersive virtual environments that the viewer can explore while seated, standing, or moving around in a room space.

This can include PC VR experiences that require a high-end/gaming computer and a tethered 6-DOF headset, as well as standalone VR experiences that use an all-in-one 6-DOF headset.

These types of experiences can be single or multi-player and allow various levels of interactivity through the use of controllers, haptic devices, hand tracking, eye tracking, voice and more.

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